Gambling Case Ends With Officers Who Took Bribes Sentenced To Jail

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The police have their own skeletons in their closets. The only difference between them and the average person, is when officers disobey the law, they are looked upon in a much worse light then others.

Two former Laredo, Texas police officers were sentenced on Friday with one receiving a slightly higher penalty then the other. Both will spend time in jail.

Former Lt. Eloy Rodriguez was fined $57,000 and sentenced to more than three years in prison. the money was directly proportionate to how much money he took in bribes regarding a gambling investigation.

Former Sergeant Alfonso Santos was fined $27,800. He was also sentenced to jail. he only received just less than three years in prison.

The investigation that the two impeded on had to do with electronic gaming machines and the over fifty licensed establishments that had the machines running.

Both officers took bribes to protect the gaming operators from getting into trouble in their establishments. Their lite sentences can be directly attributed to their help in indicting the former police chief in Laredo, Agustin Dovalina III. The two former officers were facing up to twenty years in prison.

Dovalina is awaiting his sentencing. He plead guilty to extortion back in October of last year.

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